Mychelkin Senior Researcher
Fields of research: gauge fields, affine geometries, quantum field theory, electrodynamics, general relativity, cosmology

Phone: +7 (727) 260 75 91

Publications (selected)

  • Mychelkin E.G., Makukov M.A. (2015) Fundamental scalar fields and the dark side of the universe. arXiv:1506.04221. [Honorable Mention in the Gravity Research Foundation 2015 Awards.]
  • Mychelkin E.G. (2009) Two fundamental fields: Identification of dark energy and dark matter. Proceedings of the MG12 Meeting on General Relativity, Part C, ed. by Damour T., Jantzen R.T., Ruffini, R. (Paris, France, 2009), p. 1861.
  • Mychelkin E.G. (1991) On the variability of physical constants and conformal transformations. Astrophysics and Space Science, 184, 235-245.
  • Mychelkin E.G. (1968) The polarization of synchrotron radiation. Soviet Astronomy, 12, 326.
  • Dzhakuzheva K.G., Mychelkin E.G. (1966) An Investigation of the Elliptical Polarization of the Optical Radiation of the Crab Nebula. Soviet Astronomy, 10, 429.

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