Shestakova Head of the Laboratory of Physics of Stars and Nebulae

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Phone: + 7 727 260 74 41


The Moscow State University, Department of Astronomy (Moscow, Russia), graduated in 1975.
From 1975 – in staff of Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute in Kazakhstan. Philosophical degree in astrophysical area was conferred on June 23, 1988 by doctorate council of Moscow State University. Thesis: “The interferometric observations of several regions HII and F- corona of the Sun”. From 2013 – Head of Laboratory of Physics of stars and nebulae at Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute.

Field of Research

Dust and Gas dynamics near the Sun, Fabry-Perot Interferometry, Solar Eclipse Observations, Radial Velocity Observations in the F- Corona, Thermal Destruction of Comets, dust sublimation, radiation pressure on atoms and ions.

Liubow Illarionovna Shestakova graduated from Physical Department of the Lomonosov Moscow State University (by specialty astronomy). After graduation, was hired in the Astrophysical Institute in Almaty as a senior research assistant. In 1979 she was accepted in postgraduate study of the Astrophysical Institute. In 1988 defended candidate thesis on “The interferometric observations of several regions HII and F- corona of the Sun”. She repeatedly participated in expeditions on observation of solar eclipses. In addition to experimental research she carried out a number of theoretical studies related to the problems of thermal destruction of solid bodies from various materials, and the composition of icy comets approaching the Sun on elongated orbits. Also, a series of works are devoted to the numerical modeling of the gas dynamics near the Sun under conditions of strong pressure of solar radiation in selected resonance lines of atoms and ions formed after the thermal destruction of small bodies and dust sublimation near the Sun. In present, L.I. Shestakova is head of the Laboratory of Physics of Stars and Nebulae, grant project supervisor “Investigation of the physical processes in the starburst regions and circumnuclear zones of active galaxies”.

Main Publications

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