Junior researcher

Fields of research: binary stars, Be-stars, cataclysmic variables, observational astronomy

Email: vaidman@fai.kz


2021: Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Bachelor’s Degree in “Physics and astronomy”).

2023: Master’s Degree in “Physics and astronomy” (Al-Farabi Kazakh National University).


  • Miroshnichenko A. S., Chari R., Danford S., Prendergast P., Aarnio A. N., Andronov I. L., Chinarova L. L., Lytle A., Amantayeva A., Gabitova I. A., Vaidman N. L., Baktybayev S. S., Khokhlov S. A. Searching for Phase-Locked Variations of the Emission-Line Profiles in Binary Be Stars. Galaxies, 11, 83. July 2023. [doi]