General concept of the project: The idea of the project: to study the dynamics of physical processes occurring in the centers of galaxies during the interaction of stars with a central supermassive black hole (SMBH), using the latest advances in computational technology. Provide the world scientific community with a family of high-precision numerical models of galactic nuclei. Find answers to questions such as: what is the reason for the gamma and X-ray excess in the central parsec of the Galaxy (hereafter by Galaxy we mean the Milky Way galaxy)?; what are the features of stellar black hole mergers in active galactic nuclei (AGN) ?; are there millisecond pulsars in the centers of galaxies?; what are the most accurate predictions for the detection of gravitational waves during the neutron star and stellar-mass black hole mergers with SMBHs?

Goal: The aim of the project is to create a family of 10 realistic numerical models of the galactic nuclei evolution to study the dynamical processes occurring in the galactic centers when interacting with the SMBHs and answer the above-posed questions.

Project Objectives:
1. Development of libraries for NBODY6++GPU-stardisk to improve interaction of stars with the SMBH and launch of the large-scale simulation of the center of the Milky Way galaxy.
2. Development of libraries for NBODY6++GPU-stardisk to account for interaction of stars with the accretion disk and large-scale simulation of active galactic nuclei, taking into account stellar evolution and the dynamics of binary stars.
3. Creation of a family of approximate evolution models for calm and active galactic nuclei.
4. Analysis and interpretation of data from all numerical models.