The goal of the project Photometric studies of variability and microvariability of the stars, exoplanet transits, study of matter exchange processes between the stars and the surrounding gas and dust disks.

Problems related to study of active processes in the circumstellar envelope of gas and dust disk during the formation of stars are among the most urgent problems of astrophysics. Photometric observations of stars in order to detect and study microvariability bring to the whole range of astrophysical problems. Therefore, their classification by type of variability can lead not only to the maintenance of databases of known types of variability, but also to the discovery of exoplanet transits, objects which brightness variations may be indicative for the mechanism of asteroseismology, etc. These data are unique and can be used over the years and decades to recover photometric past of the star.

There will be carried out photometric observations with telescopes of small and medium diameter. An accurate photoelectric observation made by project participants on modern equipment will be used for searching the microvariability and transit passages. Numerical modeling will be based on computer programs, implementing the project compiled using modern numerical methods.

Project tasks – Searching variable stars with small amplitude of brightness. Photometric observation of exoplanet transits and alerte observation of gamma-ray bursts. Modeling of orbital evolution of dust particles in the areas of stellar disks sublimation, and analysis of the impact of radiation pressure on the separation of the particles. The study of activity processes of young stars of different masses.