Tian Shan Astronomical Observatory (TSHAO), located in the Almaty region, has finished the upgrade of its two telescopes. After the collapse of the USSR, neither telescope of the Tian Shan Observatory was active. The reason laid in the failure of the outdated telescope control system and the lack of parts for the repair. In 2013, the observatory has completed the modernization and automation of the Eastern telescope, and in the spring of 2014 it completed the modernization and automation of the Western telescope.

An up-to-date control system is now installed at both telescopes, allowing them to be remotely controlled. Also, remote control of telescopes via Internet has been tested. In addition, this year the Tian Shan Observatory had carried out observations of exoplanets, study of faint stars in the Milky Way (which resulted in a total of 20 variable stars), study of variable stars, registration of the afterglow of gamma-ray bursts, and more.